What are the advantages of Membership?

The Illinois Green Party is deeply committed to grassroots democracy. The dues paying membership is the highest voting body within the party structure.

As a dues paying member, you are entitled to:

  • Nominate and vote for candidates in ILGP officer elections
  • Vote on the recognition and endorsement of ILGP candidates
  • Submit and vote on changes to the ILGP Platform and Bylaws
  • Join in the founding of new local Chapters of the ILGP
  • Join and vote in local Chapters of the ILGP (unless otherwise provided by local Bylaws)
  • Join, lead, or found Committees of the ILGP, and vote on Committee decisions (unless otherwise provided by Committee rules)

Note that some Membership privileges have tenure requirements–for example, Membership of at least one year is required to run for election to the ILGP Executive Committee.

How do I join the Illinois Green Party?

As a party that does not take corporate or dark-money donations, the ILGP is a dues-based membership organization. Any resident of the state of Illinois 13 years of age or older may become a Member of the Illinois Green Party by submitting their information and a dues payment via the Become a Member webpage.

If you are unable to access the webpage or make online payments, a paper registration and a check for annual dues payment ($60/year or $12/year for low-income members) may be sent to:

Illinois Green Party
747 E. Boughton Rd #227
Bolingbrook, IL 60440

Membership is automatic upon completion of the initial dues payment, or upon receipt by the ILGP of a paper registration and dues payment. The date on which the payment was submitted, or the date on which the paper registration was received, shall be the start date of the Member’s tenure with the Illinois Green Party.

What information is required for Membership?

Your first name, last name, and residential address are required. (Homeless individuals may, as described under Illinois voter registration law, list the name of any location where they can receive mail, such as a relative’s house, a shelter with a mail drop program, or a PO Box.)

Email and phone number contact information is not required for Membership, but is strongly recommended, so that Members can be made aware of upcoming party meetings, votes, and other opportunities.

Does joining the ILGP affect my Illinois voter status?

No. Membership is an internal function of the Illinois Green Party, and is separate from your state voter registration. Your registration as an Illinois voter does not have a partisan affiliation.

Illinois uses a semi-open primary system, in which any registered voter may request one ballot for each primary election cycle, from whichever party that voter chooses. Any registration, membership, or other agreements made with political parties as private entities does not affect an Illinois voter’s ability to cast a ballot in the primary of their choosing each cycle. Be aware that voting in the primary of a political party will make you ineligible to run for office for all except the political party you chose to vote for in the primary.

Do I have to renew my membership yearly?

It will depend on how you pay your dues. Monthly membership dues renew automatically, while annual dues offer the option of being one time or set up as recurring annually.

Annual dues-paying members will receive automated reminders in advance of their membership expiring, and there is a grace period of three months on payment renewal before a membership is removed for non-payment of dues.


Howie Hawkins (Green Party Co-Founder, 2020 Presidential Nominee) and Bruce Dixon make the case for the Green Party to become a dues based membership organization.