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State Party Resources

ILGP Membership Form

ILGP Donation Form

ILGP Tri-fold Brochure – Donate your own labor! Download, print in color or black & white, fold, and handout to your friends and family!

2021-04-17 Presentation: Ballot Propositions – With a Focus on Getting Propositions on the Ballot via Annual and Special Township Meetings

2021-11-13 Presentation: Strategy to Place Advisory Questions on the Ballot via Annual Township Meetings

National Party Resources

Green Party Merchandise

Green Party US Committees

Green Party US Caucuses

GPUS Branding Guide – Style and messaging guidelines from the national party.

Modified Consensus Procedure – These are the decision-making rules that the ILGP (and most ILGP chapters) use as a default.

Public & Civic Engagement Resources

Learn more about your government:, Tracking the U.S. Congress

The Illinois General Assembly

— Howie Hawkins – The Case for an Independent Left Party: From the Bottom up (Free eBook)

— Popular Resistance’s How Social Transformation Occurs Course