The Illinois Green Party is a grassroots, membership-based organization. Dues-paying members of the ILGP form the highest decision-making body in the party, and are entitled to a vote on all major party decisions.

Use this page to set up an annual dues payment. Dues may also be paid monthly at the Monthly Member signup page.

The base dues level for annual membership is $60/year. We also accept $12/year low-income memberships (recommended for annual incomes under $20,000; no proof of income asked or required), as well as sponsoring membership payments of greater than $60/year.

Benefits of Membership

  • Nominate and vote for candidates in ILGP officer elections
  • Vote on the recognition and endorsement of ILGP candidates
    Submit and vote on changes to the ILGP Platform and Bylaws
  • Join in the founding of new local Chapters of the ILGP
  • Join and vote in local Chapters of the ILGP (unless otherwise provided by local Bylaws)
  • Join, lead, or found Committees of the ILGP, and vote on Committee decisions (unless otherwise provided by Committee rules)

If you are unable to access the webpage or make online payments, a paper registration and a check for annual dues payment ($60/year or $12/year for low-income members) may be sent to:

Illinois Green Party
747 E. Boughton Rd #227
Bolingbrook, IL 60440