10 Key Values




The Illinois Green Party (ILGP) is a diverse group of individuals dedicated to advancing the Greens’ Ten Key Values in our political and social lives. The ILGP is both a political party and a membership organization.  The ILGP is affiliated with the Green Party of the United States and is part of the international Green movement.  The Global Greens have affiliated Green parties in 72 countries around the world!

10 Key Values

These are 10 principles that guide and unite Greens from around the world.

The Green Party's Ten Key Values:

Grassroots Democracy

Social Justice

Ecological Wisdom



Community-Based Economics

Feminism and Gender Equity

Respect for Diversity

Personal and Global Responsibility

Future Focus and Sustainability



Key Documents


Platform: Our Platform is an expression of the 10 Key Values, translated into concrete analysis, positions on vital issues, and public policy recommendations.

Current Issues: In addition to its Platform, the ILGP takes positions on current issues--for example, pending legislative bills or the need for new laws.

Sign-up at www.ilgp.org/membership or donate at www.ilgp.org/donate. The Green Party does not accept corporate contributions. For more information visit: www.ilgp.org/platform.


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Green Party National Black Caucus: Breonna Taylor Inauguration Day Reparations & Police Accountability Rally


Demand Reparations and Police Accountability On Day One Of The of the Next Presidential Administration of The United States!

During his November 7th victory speech, President-elect Joe Biden “looked into the eyes” of Black Americans and made this specific promise: "African Americans have always had my back and I’ll have yours”. On January 20th, the National Black Caucus of the Green Party, Black Lives Matter (BLM) Minnesota, the Green Party of Minnesota Black Caucus and more than a dozen allied organizations will march on Washington, D.C. to ensure Biden keeps that promise.

The Breonna Taylor Inauguration Day Reparations & Police Accountability Rally will take place at 12:00pm EST at Black Lives Matter Plaza. 


ILGP Final Official 2020 Election Results

Last updated: 12/29/2020

The Illinois Green Party wants to thank all of our candidates, their campaign staffs, and their supporters for continuing the struggle to bring peace and economic, social, racial, environmental, and democratic justice to all the people of Illinois.

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