Note that while the deadline for your County Clerk to receive your mail-in ballot is November 17th, your mail-in ballot must be postmarked by Nov. 3rd.

Report Election IrregularitiesClick here to report any problems you encountered while voting.

The Illinois Green Party has candidates across the state and up and down the ballot in 2020! From our Presidential and Vice Presidential ticket (Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker) to US Senate and Congressional candidates to State House candidates ranging from Lake County to the Chicago-land area to Springfield to Carbondale and county level candidates in Jackson County, voters across the state will have multiple Greens candidates to choose from in 2020.  (Learn about our Illinois Green Candidates here.)

Here’s why the Illinois Green Party recommends voting YES on the Fair Tax Amendment.

The first step of voting in Illinois is registering to vote.  You can do so here, until October 18.  If you are not registered by October 18, you are still able to register in person at selected polling places up to and including Election Day.

Mail-In Voting.  Due to the COVID Public Health Crisis, every voter in Illinois is eligible to vote by mail.  You can request a mail in ballot here.  Mail in ballots started being mailed out on September 24 and will be mailed as applications are received. Applications to vote by mail must be received by October 29 (via mail) or November 2 (in person).  In some counties, you may have the option to turn in your ballot at a Vote By Mail Drop Box.  Click here to find a drop box near you.

Early Voting.  Voters in Illinois can participate in Early In Person Voting between September 24 and November 2.  Dates, times, and locations of early voting vary by location.  Click here to find early voting information for your area.

Voting on Election Day.  Voters in Illinois can vote in person on Election Day, November 3.  Click here to find your polling location.

Accessible Voting.  Voters can find information about accessible voting here.

Military and Overseas Voting.  Illinois voters who are in the military or live overseas and will not be in the country on Election Day can find out how they can vote here.