Just to the north of the beautiful Shawnee National Forest, Carbondale is the site for the ILGP’s Fall Membership Meeting this weekend.  The General Election in Southern Illinois features four local Green Party candidates, in addition to the Green Party’s statewide candidates.

PAULA BRADSHAW for Congress, 12th District
CHARLIE HOWE for Jackson County Board, District 2
RICH WHITNEY for Jackson County Board, District 3
RANDY AUXIER for Jackson County Board, District 4

FRIDAY NIGHT: socializing
SATURDAY: a business meeting, with two speaker panels and a presentation:

Panel: Police Violence, Criminal Justice Reform and Environmental Justice
Panel: Human-caused Climate Change, Dimensions of the Crisis and Solutions
“The inconvenient truth about U.S. foreign policy”, an original presentation by Rich Whitney

see the flyer

SATURDAY NIGHT: a fundraiser dinner, with an impersonation contest and a silent auction
SUNDAY: canvassing, for those who are able to stick around