2018 is an exciting year in the normally low-profile Metropolitan Water Reclamation District election: due to a pair of vacancies, five of the nine Commissioner seats—a controlling majority—will be on voters’ ballots in November.

Because no candidate in the Green Party primary received 1,720 write-in votes in the write-in-only “Vacancy of Bradford” election for the fifth ballot line, the party now has what is referred to as a “vacancy in nomination,” which can be filled by an appointee of the Green Party who gathers the required number of ballot signatures.

The Green Party has named Geoffrey Cubbage, who was a registered write-in candidate for the “Vacancy of Bradford” election, to fill the vacancy in nomination. Geoffrey Cubbage will now need to gather 1,720 ballot access petition signatures from voters within the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District (which is roughly contiguous with Cook County, although a handful of municipalities lie outside its service area).

To help petition, please sign up at the Volunteer page for the “petitioner” role, or contact volunteer@ilgp.org, or call (773) 809-4547.

The Greens for MWRD campaign is also accepting donations for the petition drive! We take no corporate donations, only individual contributions, and funds are spent on campaign materials or in-house labor, never on private consultants or corporate advertising.