In Memory of E.G. Hughes

E.G. Hughes (1947-2014) was a founding member of the Shawnee Green Party and of the Illinois Green Party. Some Illinois Greens may remember him as “the guy in the wheel chair” at state membership meetings. His multiple sclerosis may or may not have been triggered by exposure to Agent Orange during his military service in Vietnam. On his return from the war he dedicated the rest of his life to working for world peace. Paralysis be damned, he was one of our most active activists: Vietnam Veterans Against the War, the Peace Coalition of Southern Illinois, and Beth Jacob Temple, in addition to the Green Party. ¬†For many years he edited the monthly newsletter of the Peace Coalition and hosted a weekly interview program, “Green Futures,” on local community radio. The abbreviation “e.g.” means “for example,” and he’s a good one for us.

Submitted by Lee Hartman.