The Illinois Green Party encourages it’s members to support the United Auto Workers in their current strike against the three major automakers; Ford, GM, and Stellantis. The Green Party has been a strong supporter of labor and unions for its entire existence. Our members are working class activists and we hope to see them joining the workers in solidarity on the picket lines in Illinois or neighboring states or otherwise offering support however they are able.

Ways to Show Support

Join the Picket Line!

Illinois Picket Locations

  • Chicago Parts Distribution, 1355 Remington Blvd. in Bolingbrook, Illinois
  • Chicago Assembly, (Ford), 12600 S. Torrence Ave. in Chicago, Illinois
  • Chicago, 1980 High Grove Lane in Naperville, Illinois

Neighboring State Locations

  • Wentzville Assembly, 1500 E Rte A in Wentzville, Missouri
  • Milwaukee, 3280 S. Clement Ave. in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Labor Notes: How to Stand with Striking UAW Workers


Donate to a Local Union Hall

Those who’d like to donate are asked to send donations to local union halls, not picket lines — Most local halls have a team handling and distributing food, especially if near a striking plant. Other supplies are donated to strikers and their families while on limited income.

Donation Guide


Organize a Local Solidarity Rally or Dealership Community Canvass

If you don’t have a strike location near you, you can organize solidarity rallies or engage in a Dealership Community Canvass in your community.

The UAW has a great toolkit for organizing a Dealership Community Canvasses at Big 3 dealerships. Theses kits include everything you need to organize your own solidarity event; from instructions to flier templates to draft press releases.

Dealership Community Canvass Toolkit

BlackRock, Capital Group, and Vanguard are finance giants who are top shareholders across the Big 3, and they have offices that might be closer to you than a plant. Public spaces in front of these profiteer offices are fair game for non-UAW members to protest and spread the word: auto workers deserve more, and big investors have taken what they never toiled to earn.

If you don’t have one of these profiteers or other potential stakeholders to protest at, you can set up a solidarity picket in a visible place in your community and try to gain public attention and media coverage. Even if you don’t get media coverage, you can spread the word on social media and through your networks.


Call the Big 3 CEOs

While these in-person actions, especially at strike locations or stakeholders or in support of local union halls, are best for applying pressure on the companies, you can also call the Big 3 CEOs with messages of support for the workers and their demands.

Call the CEOs at 318-300-1249

Sign and Share the UAW’s Petition

You can also support the UAW workers on social media, including by signing and sharing their petition!

 UAW Support Petition


Striking UAW Locations

Los Angeles, Ontario, CA

Rancho Cucamonga Parts Distribution, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Denver Parts Distribution, Aurora, CO

Denver, Commerce City, CO

Orlando, Orlando, FL

Atlanta, Morrow, GA

Chicago Parts Distribution, Bolingbrook, IL

Chicago Assembly, Chicago, IL

Chicago, Naperville, IL

Kentucky Truck Plant, Louisville, KY

Boston, Mansfield, MA

QEC, 2021 Auburn Hills, MI

Willow Run Redistribution, Belleville, MI

Davison Rd. Processing Center, Burton, MI

Centerline Packaging, Center Line, MI

Centerline Warehouse, Center Line, MI

Lansing Redistribution, Lansing, MI

Marysville, Marysville, MI

Pontiac Redistribution, Pontiac, MI

Romulus, Romulus, MI

Flint Processing Center, Swartz Creek, MI

Sherwood, Warren, MI

Warren Parts, Warren, MI

Michigan Assembly Plant (Final Assembly and Paint only), Wayne, MI

Ypsilanti Processing Center, Ypsilanti, MI

Minneapolis, Plymouth, MN

Jackson Parts Distribution, Brandon, MS

Wentzville, Wentzville, MO

Reno Parts Distribution Center, Reno, NV

New York, Tappan, NY

Charlotte Parts Distribution, Charlotte, NC

Cleveland, Streetsboro, OH

Toledo Assembly Complex, Toledo, OH

Cincinnati Parts Distribution, West Chester, OH

Portland, Beaverton, OR

Philadelphia Parts Distribution, Lang Horne, PA

Memphis AC Delco Parts Distribution, Memphis, TN

Dallas, Carrollton, TX

Fort Worth Parts Distribution, Roanoke, TX

Winchester, Winchester, VA

Martinsburg Parts Distribution, Martinsburg, WV

Hudson Parts Distribution, Hudson, WI

Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI


View a Map of Current Striking Locations

What the UAW is Fighting For

ELIMINATE TIERS – It’s wrong to make any worker second class. The Teamsters ended tiers at UPS. We’re ending them at the Big Three.

BIG WAGE INCREASES – We’re demanding double-digit pay raises. Big Three CEOs saw their pay spike 40 percent on average over the last four years. We know our members are worth the same and more.

RESTORE COLA – Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA) made sure the working class thrived for decades. It must be restored.

DEFINED BENEFIT PENSION FOR ALL WORKERS – All workers deserve the retirement security UAW members had for generations.

RE-ESTABLISH RETIREE MEDICAL BENEFITS – That’s just as essential as a solid pension.

RIGHT TO STRIKE OVER PLANT CLOSURES – The Big Three have closed 65 plants over the last 20 years. That’s devastated our hometowns. We must have the right to defend our communities.

WORKING FAMILY PROTECTION PROGRAM – This program keeps UAW members on the job and product in our plants. If companies try a shutdown, they’ll have to pay UAW members to do community-service work.

END ABUSE OF TEMP WORKERS – We are going to end the abuse of temps. Our fight at the Big Three is a fight for every worker.

MORE PAID TIME OFF TO BE WITH FAMILIES – Our members are working 60, 70, even 80 hours a week just to make ends meet. That’s not living. It’s barely surviving and it needs to stop.

SIGNIFICANTLY INCREASE RETIREE PAY – We owe our retirees everything. They built these companies and they built our union.

Source: UAW