July 19, 2022

As many of you know, I collected 1,353 signature petitions as a Green Party candidate for the State House, District 85 race and was 147 signatures shy of the 1,500 requirement to file. The signatures I collected were more than three times the number of signatures required for the Democrats and Republicans to obtain ballot access.

Source: 2022 Candidate’s Guide www.elections.il.gov

However, this will not stop my goal of helping the power of the people. I will continue to work hard to ensure this seat is filled with a non-corporate elected official, which is why I am submitting the paperwork to be a write-in on the ballot. I know this is another uphill battle but if we all work together and spread the word, we could make the State House, District 85 seat into one that will help end corporate contributions in our political system. In order for the power of the people to flourish, we must cut our ties with elected officials who accept corporate contributions. I, for one, will not sit on the sidelines and go silently into the midterms.

This statement was originally posted at https://www.voteforanna.org/2022/07/19/statement-from-anna-schiefelbein-candidate-for-illinois-state-house-il-85/