Speakers Bureau

Would you like to have an Illinois Green Party speaker give an informative presentation to your chapter, civic group, or other organization? Or would you like to host or organize a presentation to help spur interest in the Green Party and help you get a Green Party chapter organized?

If so, and if you or your group are willing to secure a venue with a suitable screen for PowerPoint or other visuals, and can publicize the event, we can help make it happen. We have speakers and presentations able to address a number of important topics, from basic introductions to the Green Party, to environmental topics like the climate crisis and sustainable transportation, the often-ignored issue of U.S. militarism and war, the case for single-payer health care, and more.

If you believe that you can bring in an audience of at least 15 people or more and would like to have an ILGP speaker make a presentation, just let us know.  Depending on the logistics, appearances may be made in person or via Skype or similar platform. 

Contact ILGPspeakers@gmail.com to make a request or for more information.

Also: If you are an ILGP member willing and able to make a presentation on a specific topic in person, by Zoom, or Streamyard or have presentations already prepared, please contact us via the same e-mail with a description of your presentation or topic.