If there’s one thing 2016 proved beyond a doubt, it’s that support for the Green Party and our Ten Key Values exists at every level, and in every community, across our state.

Our task in 2017 is to harness that support, and to offer individuals strong, local, grassroots organizations that fight for Green Party values. To that end, the Illinois Green Party will be establishing local chapters in every county in Illinois this coming year — and we’d love to have you involved.

  • Why County Chapters? Counties are a wide enough geographic area to draw together a good support base, while still small enough that members can make it to events anywhere within the region relatively easily. They’re also a fundamental electoral building blocks, making county parties the most practical organizing structure for statewide races.
  • What Can Local Chapters Do? Because of its commitment to grassroots democracy, the Green Party places much more institutional power in the hands of local chapters than other parties. A county affiliate has the authority to recognize and endorse candidates for office, as well as to tackle issue campaigns and street-level actions that the state party will support.
  • How Can My Chapter Get Active? Holding regular, open meetings and social events is the best way to stay active! Beyond that, the state party usually recommends that a local chapter pick between 1-3 major issues or goals to focus on, whether those are legislative races, issue campaigns, direct actions, fundraisers, or anything else. State party officers are always available to help local chapters develop an action plan, if desired.

Check the ILGP Chapters page to see if there’s an active chapter near you — and if there isn’t, the New Chapter Packet linked at the top of that page will provide you the resources you need to start your own. All it takes is three Green Party Members, a set meeting schedule, and contact information for the point person!

Want to know more? Need help getting a local chapter started? Email volunteer@ilgp.org and we’ll give you all the support you need…so that you can join us in planting a local Green Party in every county in Illinois this year!


Geoffrey Cubbage
ILGP Volunteer Director