Jill Stein/State Slate Petition

Please find your Regional Team Leader below to get plugged into the ballot drive. We must have all petition sheets turned in and notarized by Sunday June 26. Please contact your Team Leader for more information.

We have until June 26th to collect 45,000 signatures to get Jill Stein and the ILGP State Slate on the ballot.

The candidates on the ballot are:

President: Jill Stein
Vice-President: William Kreml
U.S. Senate: Scott Summers
State Comptroller: Tim Curtin

How can you help?

Fill out our volunteer page and check mark "I can help collect signatures for Jill Stein!" with your address and phone number and the ballot drive campaign will contact you.

Table of Contents

I. Petition Collection Parties
II. Download Resources (includes petition)
III. Submitting your Petitions
IV. Statewide Contact
V. Regional Team Leaders (w/ Contact and regional peition events calendar)
VI. Master Calendar of Events in Illinois

I. Petition Collection Parties

The following are a list of collection parties for the last week. These are times when you can drop off your petition sheets to your Team Leader. Note: Not all events will have a notary present.

Wednesday June 22

Oak Park Area
Avenue Alehouse 825 S. Oak Park Ave. in Oak Park, IL (Blue Line Oak Park stop)
*Notary will be present
Contact: Rita Maniotis, ritamaniotis@yahoo.com

Thursday June 23

Chicago Northside
Roots Pizza 2200 W. Lawrence. Chicago, IL (Western Brown Line stop)
*Notary will be present
Contact: Walter Pituc, 773-609-5087

Friday June 24

DuPage County Area
Green Party Headquarters
213 S. Wheaton Ave. Wheaton, IL 7:30p-8:30p
Contact Steve Alesch, steve.alesch@dupagegreens.org
*Notary will be present
After-party will be at Muldoons 133 W Front St, Wheaton, IL 60187

Sunday June 26 

Chicago Northside
Second Unitarian Church - 656 Barry Ave. Chicago, IL (Red Line Belmont stop)
10am to Midnight 
*Notary will be present
Contact: Walter Pituc, 773-609-5087 and Nancy Wade, 872-216-2938

Carbondale Area
Tres Hombres Mexican Restaurant
119 N Washington St, Carbondale, IL 62901
Need petitions before 9pm!
*Notary will be present
Contact: Rich Whitney, 618-967-0840 (please contact if you cannot make it, but have sheets)

II. Download Resources

Official ILGP Petitioning Guide and Tips 2016
2016 ILGP State Slate Petition
Jill2016 Campaign Flyer
Jill and ILGP State Slate Flyer
8.5 x 11 inch Petitioning Display Sign

III. Submitting Your Petition Sheets

Petitioners/Circulators: Please try to hand off your completed sheets to a Team Leader (listed below), by the end of the day Saturday, June 25th.  This is preferred.

If you cannot meet up with a Team Leader, please contact Nancy Wade, nwade@greenpartychicago.org, for a drop off.

The absolute last chance to turn in petitions, if you are in the Chicago area, is at the:

Pop-Up Petitioning Office
Sunday June 26th
10am - Midnight
Second Unitarian Church of Chicago
656 W Barry Ave., Chicago, IL
Facebook Event

IV. Statewide Contact

Nancy Wade
Illinois Ballot Access Coordinator Jill2016
Phone: 872-216-2938
Email: nwade@greenpartychicago.org

Walter Pituc
Assistant Ballot Access Coordinator Jill2016
Phone: 773-609-5087
Email: waltergreenparty@gmail.com


V. Regional Team Leaders

Chicago North
Nancy Wade, nwade@greenpartychicago.org, 872-216-2938
Chicago North Petitioning Calendar

Chicago South
Zonda Carriel, zdcarriel@gmail.com
Michael Braboy, michaelbraboy@gmail.com
Chicago South Petitioning Calendar

Evanston/Skokie Area
George Milkowski, gmilkowski@sbcglobal.net
Evanston/Skokie Petitioning Calendar

Oak Park Area
Rita Maniotis, ritamaniotis@yahoo.com
Tim Curtin, nmc-tpc@sbcglobal.net
Oak Park Petitioning Calendar

Rockford Area
David Black, DBlack107@aol.com
Rockford Petitioning Calendar

Dupage County
Steve Alesch, steve.alesch@dupagegreens.org
Dupage County Petitioning Calendar

McHenry County
Scott Summers, scottksummers@gmail.com
McHenry County Petitioning Calendar

Please contact Nancy Wade at 872-216-2938 or nwade@greenpartychicago.org
Peoria Petitioning Calendar

David Green, davegreen84@yahoo.com
Champaign-Urbana Petitioning Calendar

Chris Blankenhorn, blankenhorn.chris@gmail.com
Springfield Petitioning Calendar

Rich Whitney, richwhitney@frontier.com
Carbondale Petitioning Calendar


VI. Master Calendar of Petitioning Events 

Note: Below is a master calendar of events for all regions. You can toggle the triangle button in upper right corner on the calendar to customize which regional petitioning calendar to display. Events listed are for your information only. Please contact your Regional Team Leader to coordinate petitioning outings.

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  • Alexander Carlson
    commented 2016-06-15 23:01:00 -0500

    I live outside the country but will be voting in Illinois via absentee ballot. Is it possible to contribute my signature to the petition in some way?

  • David Andrew
    commented 2016-06-09 13:19:01 -0500
    You don’t have to go to any of the places on the calendar. They are just suggested opportunities were volunteers can collect a lot of signatures in a short period of time.
    All anyone needs to do to help with the petition drive is download the petition (2nd of the Download Resources listed above) and you are on your way. A petition sheet is valid even with just one signature and the petitioner’s information. You would also need to get the Notarized, at a bank, insurance office, one of our notarization parties, etc. and then get it to us by mail, or in person, before the deadline.
  • Ari Smolen
    commented 2016-06-08 08:08:33 -0500
    So if I want to sign to get her on the ballot, can I do that electronically or do I have to go to one of the places on the calendar?
  • Lisa Marie
    posted about this on Facebook 2016-06-07 22:54:53 -0500
    Petitioning Jill2016
  • Walter Pituc
    published this page 2016-03-28 18:39:26 -0500