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Our new website is live!

ILGP's new NationBuilder website is finally live! Not only do we have an updated look, the page sits on the front of a robust back end allowing us do a lot more for our candidates, chapters, and members.  Have a look all around the site to see all the new content and possibilities!

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  • Natasha Stephen
    commented 2015-01-14 01:26:18 -0600
    I like ILGP. One of the central ideas of the Green Party for restoring Illinois public finances is to establish a transaction tax on the trading of futures, options and other financial instruments on the exchanges based in Illinois. This has sometimes been referred to as the ‘LaSalle Street Tax’ after the famous financial district in Chicago.
  • Andrew Straw
    commented 2014-12-19 19:38:24 -0600