Welcome to the Illinois Green Party!

We are committed to giving Illinois voters the best choices in the elections to come. As an ILGP Member, your voice and your vote can be a part of every decision the party makes–there is no higher authority than the Membership itself in the ILGP!

Next Steps

Now that you’re a member, you may want to consider any or all of the following next steps:

Join Basecamp: Basecamp is a communication and collaboration tool used for general interest discussion and for project management among ILGP members. It is an organizing hub for members’ activism and political discussion. Submit a request to join.

Join Your Local Chapter:┬áThe Illinois Green Party has local chapters in many areas of the states. Chapters are free to write their own Bylaws and membership requirements, but most accept any local resident who is a registered Member of the ILGP as a member of their chapter as well. If there is not a local chapter in your part of the state, and you’re interested in helping to found one, please contact us and let us know!

Join a Committee: Committees are the working groups that manage most of the day-to-day operations of the ILGP. Each Committee collaborates on Basecamp, or by teleconference or by e-mail. Committee members decide on what works for them. Committees are one of the best ways to get involved in an immediate, tangible way.

Sign up to Volunteer: If you haven’t already, fill out the webform at our ILGP Volunteer page to let us know any ways in which you’re willing to help out. Volunteers are especially important during campaign seasons!

Party Structure

The ILGP is a political party governed by Illinois election laws, but it is also a grassroots membership organization. The membership organization is governed by the ILGP Bylaws.

The ILGP is a member organization of the Green Party of the United States and elects delegates who serve on the United States Green National Committee. GPUS is a federation of state Green Parties, and also partners with the European Federation of Green Parties and the Federation of Green Parties of the Americas.

Internally, the ILGP’s highest decision-making body is its Membership, which typically meets twice per year at Membership Meetings. Day-to-day decision making is done by the Executive Committee: a Chair, four Vice Chairs, a Secretary, and a Treasurer, who are elected annually by the Membership. The Executive Committee is informed by the Coordinating Committee on other than day to day operations.

The Coordinating Committee is a guiding body made up of ILGP Coordinators, who meet monthly. Anyone who has been an ILGP Member for at least one year can be a Coordinator. At the local level, the ILGP has affiliated Chapters in many areas, and the Chapter Members have autonomy to make decisions on local matters, including the endorsement of candidates for the ILGP ballot line.

Thank you for joining us!