The 2024 Illinois Green Party Presidential Selection Vote has come to a close and Jill Stein of Massachusetts has won with 84% of the vote, garnering 16 of the Illinois Green Party’s 19 Delegates to the 2024 Green Party US Presidential Nominating Convention. 

The vote, which took place online from March 2 through March 16, 2024 saw Illinois Green Party members from around the state cast their ballots. The final results of the vote, as certified by the Illinois Green Party Coordinating Committee on March 17, 2024, are:

Jill Stein: 84% / 16 Delegates
None of the Above: 11%/ 2 Non-Committed Delegates
Jasmine Sherman: 5% / 1 Delegate

As the Illinois Green Party, despite its over 30 year history of constant operation, is not a recognized party statewide in Illinois, the Green Party is not included in the March 19 state-run primary election and must administer its own internal primary vote to determine who the Green Party’s presidential candidate will be in 2024. (Except for within the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District (MWRD) in the Chicago area, where the Green Party has recognition based on past election results, but this does not apply to statewide or other races that happen within the district.)

The Illinois Green Party would like to thank all candidates and their campaigns for their participation in the 2024 Illinois Green Party Presidential Selection Process. From participating in our Presidential Forum to holding events in Illinois to exposing more voters to third party politics, we always encourage and appreciate a strong and healthy democratic process. We would also like to thank everyone who voted in our Presidential Selection Vote for utilizing their democratic rights, even if they face bipartisan repression in Illinois, and helping to determine who will represent the Green Party on the national stage this election cycle. 

Now we look towards the next barrier to democracy standing in the way of our participation in the 2024 elections. In order to get our presidential and down-ticket candidates on the ballot in November, we must embark on one of the most repressive ballot access drives in the country, collecting between 5 and 20 times the number of valid signatures that Democrats and Republicans have to collect for the same races. For president, that means collecting 25,000 valid signatures (compared to 3,000 for Democrats and Republicans) in 90 days. In order to survive potential challenges, the rule of thumb is that we must double the required number. This means that Greens across Illinois must average 555 signatures collected per day of the drive in order to ensure that our presidential candidate can even be listed on the ballot.

 Join us as we strive to build a people-powered alternative to the corporate-controlled parties that caused the existential crises we face today! For people, planet, and peace!