Get Involved - GPUS Opportunities

The Illinois Green Party is a member organization of the Green Party of the United States. Members of the Illinois Green Party may involve themselves at the national level in a variety of ways: 


Committees are the working groups of the GPUS, and provide opportunity for involvement on a number of different issues and causes. Some committees are primarily concerned with the internal workings of the party (Finance Committee, Platform Committee, etc.), while others focus on external actions and advocacy (Animal Rights Committee, Peace Action Committee, etc.). For a full list of GPUS committees and links to their websites, see the Green Party US Committees website.

Members of the ILGP may, with the Executive Committee's approval, be appointed as a representative to a national Green Party committee. Typically, each state is entitled to up to three members on each national committee. If you are an ILGP member interested in serving on a GPUS committee, email with your contact information and the name of the committee you wish to join, and the Executive Committee will act on your request.


Caucuses are bodies within the GPUS empowered with voting rights and other tools to advance their agenda. Each GPUS Caucus represents a grouping of Greens, not explicitly ideological in nature, that has historically failed to attain adequate access to power in society at-large and/or within the Green movement. Currently, the national party includes Black, Latinx, Lavender, Women's and Youth Caucuses.

Each caucus has its own mission statement and activities, listed at the GPUS Caucuses page. If you are interested in joining a GPUS Caucus, follow the instructions on their website. If approval or appointment from your state party is required by the caucus's procedures, contact to have the Executive Committee act on your appointment to the caucus. 

GPUS Delegates

Each state party is allotted a certain number of delegates by the GPUS. GPUS delegates represent the state party in the National Committee, which is the primary governing body of the GPUS. 

The ILGP typically elects its delegates to the National Committee at its Spring Membership Meeting. An open nomination period will be announced before each election of GPUS Delegates, and nominations are taken from the floor at Membership Meetings. Any member of the ILGP is eligible to become a GPUS Delegate. 

Delegates are our voice in the national party. If there is an issue you want to bring to the national party's attention, contact one of our current delegates