The Zoom will be at 7 pm CT, Wednesday November 3, 2021.

The webinar will begin with Wes Jackson explaining the
10,000-year-old problem of agriculture: cultivation of annual grain
crops which compromise soil ecosystems and organic matter. Perennial
grain crops and cropping systems can make food-producing ecosystems as
resilient as natural ecosystems. Asa Anpu will cover what colonialism
means to the colonized, especially with regards to food deserts
imposed by settler “farmers” on Black people within South Africa
and how the Uhuru Movement is challenging this. Nely Rodriguez will
share how a small group of farmworkers joined with the Fair Food
Program to completely change conditions of their labor, from
eliminating wage theft to modern-day slavery. US allies can support
farmworker rights through the Boycott of Wendy’s. Jaideep Hardikar
will address problems facing small and marginal farmers who comprise
83% of India farm households, commercialization of the countryside due
to steady withdrawal of state support, and the growing network of
people’s collectives and agro-ecological approaches.

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Speakers will be:

*   Wes Jackson, The Land Institute
*   Asa Anpu, AAPDEP South Africa Director
*   Nely Rodriguez, Coalition of Immokalee Workers
*   Jaideep Hardikar, _People’s Archive of Rural India_

The moderator will be Delilah Barrios, Green Party candidate for Texas