Earth Day to May Day

Upcoming Planning Zoom Dates:
TUES March 23- Time TBD
SAT March 27 (Eco-Action Committee Open House)
SAT April 3
TUES April 14
TUES April 20

The Green Party Eco-Action Committee is calling on all Green Party state parties, locals and supporters to participate in a National Week of Action on climate, environmental, social justice and labor issues from April 22 through May 1. Many of these actions can be online and educational events, however safely conducted outdoor actions are also highly encouraged wherever possible.

Giving the Power to the People

Our theme for the week will be Giving the Power to the People: Stop Climate Chaos and End the War on Workers and the Poor. This theme encompasses dire environmental topics, and celebrates worker resistance to corporate power. It will be ideal to include cross sectional events. We invite well-organized locals and parties to have two to three events – to organize small Green direct actions, organize or co-sponsor online panels and discussions, and to join or endorse solidarity events.

We want to focus on events that are organized by Greens to build focus and support for the Green Party as the only national party that does not compromise on issues of life or death. Remember – several hundred well-placed smaller and localized events can be far more effective than one big event (which unfortunately is not possible due to the pandemic).

We will be calling on greater public and local control of energy and polluter industries. We will also support cross sectional issues such as living wages for essential workers and a comprehensive economic plan that addresses unemployment, enacts a national healthcare service, and puts people to work in jobs that will combat both climate catastrophe and living standard insecurity.

Sign-Up to Organize an Event!
Some suggested topics for Actions and Educational Events:
• Green New Deal/ Eco-Socialist New Deal actions and online panels
• Anti-Fracking events
• Environmental Racism & Imperialism
• Corporate pollution of working class communities
• Public ownership of energy production – why it is necessary
• End the War Machine: US Military is the nation’s largest polluter
• Having small “anti-corporate” Earth Day fair social distanced tabling at campuses
• Resistance to local Evictions and Utilities Shut-offs
• Solidarity Actions with worker organizing efforts and work stoppages
• Young Eco-Socialists (Youth Caucus) events at various campuses
• Banners of various topics at busy intersections
• Lobbying Days
• Nuclear Energy pollution
• Create informational videos
• Social distanced park event or picnic with speakers and information