Emanuel and Alvarez Must Go!



The Green Party of Chicago demands that Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez resign from their offices. Citizens of Chicago will no longer endure the corruption and lies emanating from the highest offices of the city. We deserve honest elected officials who protect and serve the public.

Sign to demand Emanuel and Alvarez resign. The Green Party of Chicago will deliver this petition to Emanuel’s office.  

Both Emanuel and Alvarez betrayed the public trust by suppressing the video recordings showing the shocking execution of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald by police officer Jason Van Dyke.

Emanuel sat on the video until forced to disclose it by court order, and Alvarez took no action to charge Van Dyke for 13 months -- while Van Dyke continued to be employed by the City and Emanuel ran for re-election.

The resignations of Emanuel and Alvarez are a start, but much more needs to change. Police violence is just the tip of the iceberg in a system that is part of a broader social and political failure, one which accepts mass unemployment, poverty, neglect, and educational and social inequality, and the hopelessness, substance abuse and crime that inevitably follow – all standing in sharp contrast to the City’s towering temples of wealth. It is the product of a social and political order that relies on police violence and intimidation, not to solve the underlying problems but to keep a lid on them. 

Fundamental change in Chicago demands these solutions: 

            ● a democratically elected police commission, with the authority to investigate citizen complaints of police misconduct, hold hearings, subpoena witnesses and impose discipline for misconduct, up to and including termination; 

            ● fair and progressive taxation, including a requirement that big financiers and speculators begin paying their fair share to support the city and state in which they do business, allowing city and state government to adequately fund schools and public services and create more employment opportunities; 

            ● a democratically elected school board in Chicago, that will fight for high quality public schools and equality of educational opportunity; and 

            ● raising the minimum wage to a real living wage, adequate to support a family. 

The Green Party of Chicago is dedicated to electing officials who

stand by our four pillars of social justice, non-violence, ecology, and democracy.

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Elizabeth Fraser
Paulette Dubetz
Andres Hernandez
Sara Sayigh
Drew Heiserman
George Starr
Verne Peterson
Douglas Rappe
David Duggan
Aaron Deakins
Tracy McLellan
Pamela Blair
Conrad Weisert
Andrew Finko
Jay Rehak
Meghan Zefran
Thomas Wilda
Nicolas Baria
Baird Welch-Collins
Chris Chandler
Conrad Floeter
Dale MacLeod
Leanne Reis-Ong
Scott Lupo
Anne Scheetz
michael smith
alberto bocanegra
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  • Elizabeth Fraser
    signed 2016-01-18 10:50:52 -0600
  • Paulette Dubetz
    signed 2016-01-18 10:48:15 -0600
  • Andres Hernandez
    signed 2016-01-18 10:07:09 -0600
    Cronyism. Corruption. Cover Ups. Who needs Nixon when we got Rahm?

    Let’s seriously talk about Rahm Gate.
  • Sara Sayigh
    signed 2016-01-18 10:03:08 -0600
  • Drew Heiserman
    signed 2016-01-18 10:02:28 -0600
  • George Starr
    signed 2016-01-18 09:49:20 -0600
  • Verne Peterson
    signed 2016-01-18 09:48:02 -0600
  • Douglas Rappe
    signed 2016-01-18 09:45:57 -0600
  • David Duggan
    signed 2016-01-18 09:41:22 -0600
  • Aaron Deakins
    signed 2016-01-18 09:33:30 -0600
  • Tracy McLellan
    signed 2016-01-18 09:22:10 -0600
    Rahm should never have been elected mayor. Let’s just ignore he was President Obama’s Chief of Staff (Staph?). He’s a war criminal. He’s proved his chops as a war criminal by voting approval of every one of President Bush’s war budgets when Emanuel was the federal representative from Illinois’ Fifth Federal Congressional District. Emanuel remains an unindicted war criminal today.
  • Pamela Blair
    signed 2016-01-18 09:13:28 -0600
  • Conrad Weisert
    signed 2016-01-18 09:03:19 -0600
    I’d feel more confident signing this petition if I knew who’d be likely to replace the mayor. We may get an even worse mayor.
  • Andrew Finko
    signed 2016-01-18 08:58:41 -0600
  • Jay Rehak
    signed 2016-01-18 08:57:08 -0600
  • Meghan Zefran
    signed 2016-01-18 08:42:15 -0600
  • Thomas Wilda
    signed 2016-01-18 08:38:38 -0600
  • Nicolas Baria
    signed 2016-01-18 08:22:28 -0600
  • Baird Welch-Collins
    signed 2016-01-18 00:52:49 -0600
  • Chris Chandler
    signed 2016-01-17 21:26:51 -0600
  • Conrad Floeter
    signed 2016-01-17 17:09:02 -0600
  • Alexander Jones
    posted about this on Facebook 2016-01-17 16:43:27 -0600
    Sign the petition: Emanuel and Alvarez Must Go!
  • Alexander Jones
    @altj7 tweeted link to this page. 2016-01-17 16:43:24 -0600
    Sign the petition: Emanuel and Alvarez Must Go! http://www.ilgp.org/emanuel_and_alvarez?recruiter_id=24323
  • Dale MacLeod
    signed 2016-01-17 14:35:31 -0600
  • Leanne Reis-Ong
    signed 2016-01-17 11:16:34 -0600
    I’m supporting Chicago Teachers Union, parents and children need to have education. 49 Public schools must be reopen and fair to parents and children.
  • Scott Lupo
    signed 2016-01-17 10:33:50 -0600
  • Anne Scheetz
    signed 2016-01-17 09:04:17 -0600
    Other important issues for the city include: reopen the closed public mental health clinics, staff all clinics, and expand public mental health services including outreach and prevention; reverse the privatization of public services including school nursing services; expand public and affordable housing and build more such housing near rapid transit; keep neighborhood libraries open 12 hours at least 6 days a week to provide programs and wheelchair accessible meeting spaces.
  • michael smith
    signed 2016-01-17 07:55:04 -0600
  • alberto bocanegra
    signed via 2016-01-16 23:15:48 -0600
  • John Ailey
    posted about this on Facebook 2016-01-16 23:08:22 -0600
    Sign the petition: Emanuel and Alvarez Must Go!