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Election Irregularity Reporting

Finally the 2018 General Election is here!  See our candidates page for a list of all our tremendous hard working Illinois Green Party candidates.

If you do encounter any election irregularities, we recommend that you send an email to secretary@ilgp.org with a subject line of "election irregularity".  Please include as much information as possible to allow us to follow up.

The following information would be very helpful:

  • - your name:
  • - your phone number:
  • - your home address where you are registered to vote:
  • - your township and precinct (in Chicago your ward and precinct):
  • - the date and time the incident occurred:
  • - the names of any election judges involved in the irregularity:
  • - the details concerning the irregularity:

You can also contact us at 773-809-4547 along with sending us an email.

Vote your values! Vote Green in 2018!

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