2019 Illinois Green Party Spring Convention

The Green Party is needed today more than ever. With both parties currently in power answering to big money special interests, only a party that rejects all big money special interest donations and stands for the 99% can help restore true democratic government in America.

The Illinois Green Party holds two Membership Meetings each year, one in the spring and one in the fall. These meetings are our chance to conduct official, statewide business and to hold training and educational sessions, as well as panel discussions and keynote addresses from invited speakers.

The 2019 Illinois Green Party Spring Convention will be held on Saturday, April 13th.

There will be a fundraising dinner after the meeting at the same location from 6:30pm - 8:30pm.

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Illinois Green Party Implements a Dues Based Membership System

From its inception in 1999, the Illinois Green Party, like the national party, has always prided itself in refusing any and all corporate money.  This core value, which separates Greens from the two corporate-sponsored parties, is due in part to the Ten Key Values on which our party is based The Green Party and its candidates will never “sell out” the people or planet, because we cannot be bought.

As a state party, we are committed to building an Illinois that will end all forms of discrimination and oppression, provide quality healthcare for all, full access to quality education by all, a living wage for all workers, and a transition to a ecologically sustainable society.  Because of our commitment to people powered politics, we have to rely on our supporters to spread our message and grow a truly alternative political power in Illinois. We have tried various methods of fundraising, with varying degrees of success, but the present donation model is not sustaining basic party infrastructure as was hoped. Many of you receiving this message have donated in the past, and we are very thankful for that support. At a recent Membership Meeting, the party decided that the time has come to turn back to a tried-and-true method of fundraising that working-class organizations have used for generations: Asking all members to pay dues, as a duty and responsibility of membership.

Dues are a fair method of sharing the financial burden. As a member of the Green Party, you have the right to participate in its deliberations, reach consensus or cast a vote on the decisions of a democratic organization, represent yourself to the public or in other groups as a Green and perhaps run for office as a Green. You can have pride in belonging to a principled political party that is genuinely trying to build a better world.  

But with rights come responsibilities. And we are asking you, right now, to please make a modest financial commitment – and put your money where your values are.

Effective January 1st, 2019, to be considered a member of the Illinois Green Party, with all of the rights of membership, you will need to start paying dues. The membership strove to ensure that the base level of dues remained reasonable and accessible. The standard dues rate is $60 a year. If you are a low-income person, such that $60 would present a real hardship, you can elect to pay our low-income rate of just $12 a year. On the other hand, if you are earning enough money that you can help out a little more, we ask you to consider being a sponsoring member by paying at least $120 a year, or at least $10 a month. (Due to the fees charged for online donations, we request that those paying online pay by the month only if your monthly donation is $10 or greater.)

Please help build a stronger, more effective Illinois Green Party by paying your dues right away. You can pay online, at the annual or monthly rate, on our website. If you would prefer paying by check, you can remit your payment to the “Illinois Green Party” by sending it to: 213 S. Wheaton Ave. Wheaton, IL 60187.  

If you have any questions about our new dues-based membership system, you can send your questions to “chair@ilgp.org.” Thank you for re-committing yourself to the one and only political party that can actually build a healthy, life-affirming, democratic society.

For a better future,

The Illinois Green Party

IL Green Party Election Results

ILGP_sunflower.pngCongratulations to all of the Illinois Green Party 2018 General Election candidates and their teams for their inspiring, thoughtful, and intelligent campaigns that were fought hard with integrity!

Note that the election authorities are still counting absentee and provisional ballots and that the official canvass of the votes will not be completed for several weeks. Here's the unofficial results:

  • - Randy Auxier for Congress (IL-12) - per the Chicago Tribune with 100% of the precincts reporting.  Randy finished third of 3 candidates running for 1 seat. Mr. Auxier received 7,823 votes (3.0%).

  • - Metropolitan Water Reclamation District (MWRD) of Greater Chicago - per the Chicago Sun-Times with 98.47% of precincts reporting

    • + For 6 year term - 8 candidates running for 3 seats

      • - Chris Anthony - finished in 6th place receiving 162,423 votes (4.5%)
      • - Karen Roothan - finished in 7th place receiving 160,860 votes (4.4%)
      • - Tammie Felicia Vinson - finished in 8th place receiving 137,548 votes (3.8%)

    • + For 2 year term - 2 candidates running for 1 seat

      • - Rachel Wales - finished in 2nd place receiving 329,410 votes (23.0%)

    • + For Bradford vacancy - 2 candidates running for 1 seat

      • - Geoffrey Cubbage - finished in 2nd place receiving 299,873 votes (21.1%)

  • - Jackson County Board - per the Jackson County Clerk with 100% of precincts reporting

    • - Joshua Hellmann (District 3) finished third of 3 candidates running for 1 seat.  Joshua had 111 votes (3.88%).
    • - Rich Whitney (District 4) finished second of 2 candidates running for 1 seat.  Rich had 572 votes (23.89%).