Last Week to Help Get Jill Stein on the November IL Ballot

We have only 1 week left to collect the remainder of the 45,000 signatures of registered Illinois voters needed to get Green Party candidates Dr. Jill Stein for President, Scott Summers for US Senate and Tim Curtin for State Comptroller on the November Illinois ballot. The signature petitions must be delivered to the State Board of Elections on June 27th.


As of Wednesday we had only collected 25,000, so we really need to pull out all the stops to get the remaining 20,000.

Here’s one or more ways you can help:

1) Collect signatures
Go to our volunteer page. Please be sure to check “I can help collect signatures for Jill Stein”. Then go to the petitioning page to find the Team Leader nearest you, the petition, and other resources.

2) Volunteer for data entry
To survive a challenge we have to check the signatures against the voter rolls. To volunteer for data entry email me at

3) Donate
Support this effort and our ongoing work to elect Green Party candidates by going to our donation page.

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Nancy Wade
Illinois Ballot Access Coordinator Jill2016

IL Petition Mailing Deadline June 20th

We prefer that you hand-off in person your notarized Jill Stein/ILGP State Slate petitions to a regional petitioning team leader, but if you need to mail in your notarized petitions, please mail them no later than Monday June 20th to

Illinois Green Party
213 S. Wheaton Ave.
Wheaton, IL 60187

Note that if you hand off to a regional team leader you will probably be able to do so as late as Saturday, June 25th, but contact your team leader for the absolute last opportunity to hand-off.

If you go to the Chicago June 26th Help Jill Stein Get Illinois Ballot Access: Pop-Up Office on the last day to petition, you will be able to get your petitions notarized and turned in.

See the Petitioning Page for a list of team leaders.

Please DO NOT NUMBER YOUR PETITION SHEETS! They get numbered by the coordinators later.

Also, when notarizing, the name of the person who circulated the petition should be entered in the blank after "Signed and sworn to (or affirmed by)", not the name of the notary.

Thanks for all your hard work!  It's In Our Hands!

Jill Stein for President--media

In 2012, Green Party Presidential Candidate Jill Stein received more votes for President than any other female Presidential candidate in U.S. history.

And she did that with just a tiny fraction of the attention that mainstream media gives to candidates from the corporate parties.

For news about the nationwide Jill Stein for President campaign, visit  And please help us get her on the ballot in Illinois.