Climate News - Portable Solar Pumps Enable Emissions-Free Farming

Climate News

A new, portable design for solar-powered water pumps is enabling emissions-free farming in developing countries. 


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Climate News - Climate Change Depleting Colorado River Levels

Climate News

Climate News Network reports that research shows depleting water levels of the Colorado River are due to climate change.


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ILGP Endorses Improved Ballot Access Bill (HB762) with an Amendment

2-19-17: Illinois General Assembly House Bill HB 762 calls for changes to the threshold at which a political party must poll to be considered an established political party, rather than a "new" political party, from 5% of the entire vote cast in the State in the general election for State and county officers to 2%. The bill includes the President of the United States in the definition of "state office" or "state officer". The bill lowers the minimum signature requirements for statewide office from 25,000 to 10,000 and for other offices within the state from 5% to 2% of votes cast in the district in the last regular election.

The Illinois Green Party Coordinating Committee endorses HB 762 with the following amendment:

The minimum signature requirements for offices within the state shall be 0.5% of votes cast in the district in the last regular election.