This afternoon, we turned in over 50,000 signatures to the Illinois Board of Elections in Springfield get Jill Stein, Scott Summers, and Tim Curtin on the ballot and offer Illinois voters a progressive choice in this election. Thank you to everyone who made this possible!

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Last Day to Help Get Dr. Jill Stein on the Nov. Illinois Ballot

It's the last day to sign the petition to get Dr. Jill Stein and the other Green Party candidates on the November Illinois ballot.

These are the two signature collection locations on this last day.

Chicago Northside
Second Unitarian Church - 656 W. Barry Ave. Chicago, IL (Red Line Belmont stop)
10am to MidnightJill2016_400x400
*Notary will be present
Contact: Walter Pituc, 773-609-5087 and Nancy Wade, 872-216-2938

Carbondale Area
Tres Hombres Mexican Restaurant
119 N Washington St, Carbondale, IL 62901
*Notary will be present
Contact: Rich Whitney, 618-967-0840 (please contact if you cannot make it, but have sheets)

If you can't drop by these locations today you can still help by donating at

#ItsInOurHands #Jill2016

How to Sign the Petition these Last Few Days

The last day to sign the petition to get Dr. Jill Stein for President and our other Green Party candidates on the ballot in Illinois is Sunday June 26th.  Here are the options for registered Illinois voters who have not already signed the petition. 

1) Drop by your regional petition notarizing and turn-in party and sign the petition.

2) Contact your regional petitioning team leader and make arrangements to sign the petition. There is a list of regional team leaders on the petitioning page.

3) If you want to go the extra mile, the last resort is to print the petition, sign it, have your family, friends and co-workers sign it, get it notarized (local banks will usually notarize for free) and overnight mail your notarized petition(s) to

Illinois Green Party
Attn: Nancy Wade
2216 W Giddings
Chicago, IL 60625

Note that your notarized petitions must arrive absolutely no later than Saturday June 25th!

See the Petitioning Page for a link to use to print the petitioning sheet.

You will also need to fill in the bottom section of the petition because you are the "circulator" of the petition.

Please DO NOT NUMBER YOUR PETITION SHEETS! They get numbered by the coordinators later.

Also, when notarizing, the name of the person who circulated the petition should be entered in the blank after "Signed and sworn to (or affirmed by)", not the name of the notary.

Sorry this option is so complicated and annoying but this is what we have to do to comply with the Illinois election law.

Thanks so much for your support!  It's In Our Hands!