The Metropolitan Water Reclamation District is a government body charged with the reclamation and treatment of wastewater and flood water abatement in Cook County, to protect the health and safety of citizens and of area waterways. And who better to perform that vital task than Greens? The need for an uncompromising approach to environmental protection is one of the reasons for our existence.

Once again, we are fielding some outstanding candidates to run for District office: Tammie Felicia Vinson, Troy Antonio Hernandez, and Rachel Wales. Check out their profiles here.

The MWRD candidates are currently collecting petition signatures to get on the ballot. If you live in or near Cook County, please help us collect petition signatures! Even if you just get a few signatures from family and friends, that still helps. If you can go out and petition at public events or public transit stations, better still.

The candidates need a minimum of 1,745 signatures, which means they really need about 3,000 signatures to survive the inevitable attempt by the Democrats to throw us off the ballot. Here is the Ballot Petition. If you are able to help collect signatures, please contact Rita Maniotis,, 708-955-6964, for optimal petitioning recommendations. She can also answer questions about how to collect signatures, fill out the circulator’s information at the bottom, and get your petitions notarized. The last day to turn in notarized petitions to Rita is Sunday December 1, 2019.