Elections '16 & '17 - 2016 GE


Help us get Green Party supporters to the polls by signing up for Get Out The Vote phonecalls! These are short, simple calls to established supporters. We provide all the materials, including a call list and a script -- all you need is a phone and some spare time! If every volunteer in our database makes just 10 calls by Sunday, Nov. 6th, we'll be done ahead of schedule.

Vote for Green Party candidates!

On Election Day, polls should be open at least from 6 am to 7 pm.

Early voting has started, but for early voting you might need to travel to a centralized county location, rather than vote at your local precinct polling place, and the hours for voting are likely shorter.  Check with your local election authority.

Follow these links for information from the Illinois State Board of Elections about Information For Voters or  Voting on Election Day or the Illinois Election Authorities or precinct maps.

If you experience or see election problems, please consider reporting them, to chair <at> ilgp.org and and one or more of the following:

>  your local election authority (usually your local County Clerk )

>  Illinois State Board of Elections:

Election Hotline Phone Numbers:
  Springfield Office: (217) 782-4141
     ext 3: Election Operations/ext 4: Voting & Registration Services
  Chicago Office: (312) 814-6440

>  American Civil Liberties Union

ACLU of Illinois
180 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 2300
Chicago, IL 60601
312-201-9740 (not specific to election issues)

ACLU--Central Illinois
President Jim Keeran, james.keeran@icloud.com
ACXLU--Champaign County
President Elaine Hopkins
President: Donald Hanrahan

There are student chapters at these schools
(links at http://www.aclu-il.org/action-center/find-a-local-aclu-il-chapter/)
    Northwestern Law – Farzeen Tariq, Chapter President
    Columbia College
    University of Chicago
    University of Chicago School of Law
    University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana