Get Involved - Volunteer Leadership

From now until November 8th, 2016, the Green Party of Illinois is involved in a coordinated statewide campaign to get our Greens elected! We can't do it without you. Local grassroots organizers are the heart of our campaign. By organizing your fellow volunteers from one of our leadership positions, you're helping a party of the people compete with the parties of big money and special interests. 

Position: Team Leader

No one knows your home turf like you do—and that's why we need you organizing your neighborhoods, cities, counties, and campuses!

Each Team Leader is equipped with a list of roughly 10-50 volunteers from their local legislative districts. Whenever there's a campaign action in the area -- whether that's a phonebank, a special event, or a day of knocking doors -- our Team Leaders are the ones who get the word out and help get volunteers to where they need to be.

Team Leaders should be motivated leaders comfortable with shared spreadsheet/document management. Volunteers interested in becoming a Team Leader for their local area should contact with a short email (subject heading "Team Leader") detailing the area they want to organize and any previous organizing or volunteer experience.

Position: Regional Coordinator

Regional Coordinators are the party's top volunteer leader for their section of the state. Regional Coordinators help organize Team Leaders in the same way that Team Leaders organize their individual volunteers: by making sure everyone knows when and where the next campaign action will be, and by making sure everyone has the tools they need to succeed on hand.

The ideal Regional Coordinator should be self-motivating, organized, and willing to take initiative on projects in their region. Prompt responses to party emails and phone calls are a must! Regional Coordinators must be able to oversee and manage shared spreadsheets and documents for their region, including call lists, volunteer sign-ups, and event forms. Experience with Nationbuilder is highly useful, but not required.

This is a significant leadership role, and requires at least 5-10 hours of work a week, with occasional travel within the geographic region. Volunteers interested in the Regional Coordinator position should email a resume and cover letter to, subject heading "Regional Coordinator."

Regional Coordinator positions are available for the following geographic regions (see map for aprox. boundaries):

  1. NW Illinois Region: State Senate Districts 36, 37, and 45
  2. NE Illinois Region: State Senate Districts 22, 26-35.
  3. North Chicago Region: State Senate Districts 2, 5-10, 20
  4. West Chicago Region: State Senate Districts 4, 21, 23-25, 38, 39, 41-43, 49
  5. South Chicago Region: State Senate Districts 1, 3, 11-19, 40
  6. West Central Illinois Region: State Senate Districts 44, 46-48, 50
  7. East Central Illinois Region: State Senate Districts 51, 52, 53, 55
  8. Southern Illinois Region: State Senate Districts 54, 56, 57, 58, 59