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The Green Party's political philosophy is guided by its Ten Key Values, shared by Green Party organizations around the world:

Grassroots Democracy
Social Justice
Ecological Wisdom
Community-Based Economics
Future Focus

The current ILGP platform is available here:

The 2015 platform was presented at the April 18 State Membership Meeting and was adopted by the Membership after a one-month voting period.

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  • commented 2016-06-11 10:52:52 -0500
    A really cool website, which contains a lot of cool stuff!! Go to your facebook easily with the blog sign in my face !!

  • commented 2016-05-25 17:01:15 -0500
    Dear Green Party of IL,
    Just a memeo to inform you that we recently saw your webapage and can no longer support the green party values, as they have radically changed into many things we don’t honestly believe will help the party, so we are withdrawing any and all support.
    Things that I would STRONGLY rethink that may help your party gain popularity and ballots in the future may be as follows:

    1. Social Justice: This is why we never liked the democratic party and originally liked the Green party many years ago. The Green Party used to be more realistic with elements of ALL aspects of justice, specifically in regards to the enviorment and not todays, modern mockery of it called version of “social justice”. One of the reasons many of use older green party members don’t waste much time online is because of the social media that changed politics and political parties for the worse. We’d MUCH rather go out and SHOW people a better way to a better world than we would run around the narcissistc website facebook guilt-tripping everyone telling them to, “check your privilege” and other such bullying tactics that are no more than attention seekign and make us seem callous and holier-than-thou.

    2. Decentralization vs. feminism (Huh?!): Think about this one clearly for a minute. Femenism, commonly called “misandry” wants to CENTRALIZE all females as victims and all males as rapists and criminals based on hearsay or feamle whims. I could never be told that I must compete or even to hate the males in my life. I am NOT a slave or a victim of them and I truly love the males in my family just as much as the females. I want no pity-party based of lies and hate like that, especially when real females (and males) are ACTUALLY suffering in places. I refuse to use Centralized femenism to get revenge. NO ONE believes in female gender supremacy except for overweight, bitter, ugly women who don’t do well with men. (usually because they don’t eat a paleo diet, I suspect). I refuse to have me gender as a female be made a mockery of to claim some kind of false victimhood status over males. I have always prefered the term “humanist” or even equalist because it’s more inclusive. I once did a book report on the original suffragettes who (same as males) could NOT vote unless they owned property at that time. Clearly they got the vote for both women and men. Year later in school, I also did a book report on the women of the anti-suffragette movement who, for in most peoples opinions were ore green-compatible with true natures of women and men without all the adversity and “men are the enemy” nonsense. Most women don’t really believe that anyway. You probably can’t find it online but you might be interested in going to a public library and researchign old pereodicals about the suffragettes origins as the WKKK (womens Ku Klu Klan) which formed things with deceptive people likk Margaret Sanger such as the CENTRALIZED Planned Parenthood, in the hopes of “getting rid of black people”. I could never willing support racism for the same reasons I could never support female chauvinism (a.k.a. femensim). Please don’t bash me with a false dictionary deffinition of femenism either as that had absolutely nothing to do with how it’s practiced. Movements based on hate often fail.
    I do not believe thayt I am some entitled, special snowflake, Walt Disney princess any more than I believe my husband has me chained to some stove in a cotton field somewhere. I’m only one of many women who likes peace and working WITH men and women, not against them. Be nice if femenism could grow up and admit that we women already have more right then men and always have. My husband can’t “take me to the cleaners” in a CENTRALIZED divorce court INC. indusrty on a whim as we can to the men in our lives. I could never be that sadistic towards a man and feel good about myself. This is a problem and best ignored in favor of real environmental activities based on reality and not poor wrote romance novels from lonley women (50 shades of gray anyone?) What a crock of hate. I thin this one bothered me the most as it was the most disturbing of you NEO-Green party, and it’s a shame. Ironically the next one runs counter to femenism:

    Responsibility: How can this be when we the IL Green party page claims to also support Social Justice and femenism???? This gives me a a feeling that whoever wrote the platform of the IL democratic- Uh? I mean NEO-Green party is either not of sound mind or a realtime hypocrite.

    Not putting down green ideas that save te environment nor Jill Stein, but the platform used to have more supporters when it focused on real issues rather then social ones of the CENTRALIZED system we have now and it’s a shame, it really is.

    Please think about those few deal-breaker issues. Not asking you to reformat the entire party platforms, as most of them are still decent and humane, but please, please think about the damage of the things that I elaborated on and how far they are from real third-party greens and their unity in the past.
    We don’t “hate” the IL Neo-Green party, we are just disappointed at how they have become, to say it nicely, a pale shadow of liberal censorship no better than the democratic party. You can do better by going back to what worked in the past when Greens actually had a shot. What a mad world when a classic green can even find more ground on environmental issues with a (non-toxic waste dumping) conservatve (when they see money saving involved than I ever could a democrat, as they seem to be superficial and only pretend to care rather than actually put in the effort to care like us classical, and neo-greens do. Some Paleeo-Conservatives, when they are not out lobbying for the warmonger industry, can have their thoughts seem green inspired when it comes to money, whereas the democrats just don’t take the green party seriously in the first place as has been proven time and time again. As much as I hate to admit it, when we did some work in the 80’s and 90’s for the California Green Party some satisfactory solutions were always easier to work out with republicans than then they ever were democrats and their Wall-Street obsessed party.
    Thank you for your time :)

    Again, We are NOT asking you to radically reformat the platform, but instead to consider some of your tenets and how helpfull they are in reality. Deeply think about these things and maybe shed some dead weight. That’s all.
    Stacy and Dustin Knox

    Decatur, IL.
    Health, love, nature and peace to men, women and children everywhere. No one can do it alone, but we can build a better world by being more inclusive to all members of mother Earth.
  • commented 2016-05-18 12:45:52 -0500
    I received a flyer from David Green. I read the platform ideas. I agree most of what is written. Some of the language I don’t like. Where can I sit down and discuss such stuff? When I learn more about what it means to “join” the party, I’ll surely consider doing so.