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ILGP Coordinating Committee

The Coordinating Committee is a standing committee of the Executive Committee.  The Coordinating Committee consists of all members designated as Coordinator by the Executive Committee.  The primary function of the Coordinating Committee is for Coordinators and other members to regularly interface with one another and the state party for the purposes of coordination of activities.  The Coordinator designation is open to those ILGP members who (1) have been an ILGP member for at least six months and (2) submit a formal request for the designation to the ILGP Executive Committee.  ILGP Bylaws (3/25/17), Section 2-C.  

ILGP Coordinators (21)

First Name Last Name Local Chapter (if any)
Jack Ailey Green Party of Chicago
Steve Alesch DuPage County Green Party
David Black  
Chris Blankenhorn Sangamo Valley Green Party
Fina Campbell Metro East Green Party
Larry Cullison Rock Island County Green Party
Gini Lester Will County Green Party
Rita Maniotis West Side Greens
Vito Mastrangelo Jefferson County Green Party
Chase McClaughry Fulton County Green Party
George Milkowski 50th Ward Green Party
Dave Sacks  
Bruce Samuels West Side Greens
Julie Samuels West Side Greens
Sheldon Schafer Peoria Area Green Party
Scott Summers McHenry County Green Party
Kyle Taylor DuPage County Green Party
Nancy Wade Green Party of Chicago
Wes Wagar  
Rich Whitney Shawnee Green Party
Keith Wilson Coles County Green Party

ILGP Coordinating Committee Observers

On February 23, 2014, the Executive Committee approved the following policy on CC Observer Status:

"Any ILGP member who has signed up on the Focus list OR has verified attendance (by a chapter officer) at a chapter meeting may be granted observer status on the CC. The Executive Committee may invite the member to participate as an observer, either on its own, or at the request of a chapter officer.  The CC observer does not have voting privileges on the CC. The observer can take part in discussions, and make proposals on the CC.  The purpose of this proposal is to give incentive to new people, and to take advantage of new ideas, without the pitfalls of a "green" Green."