• Saturday, February 15, 2020 at 11:00 AM · 2 rsvps
    Warrenville Public Library in Warrenville, IL

    Green Party Forum: Ecosocialism and the Green New Deal


    The vast majority of us are concerned about the looming specter of mass extinction of our children and grandchildren as a result of global warming.  The worldwide scientific community concurs. We must take action immediately!

    All we see from Republican Party candidates and officeholders is denial. Even more dangerously, all we see from Democratic Party candidates and elected officials are weak quarter measures that do not sufficiently address the urgency and thus greenwash the problem. These two parties offer Thelma and Louise solutions that will drive us off the cliff at either 60 mph or 50 mph.

    The Green Party offers real solutions that will solve this existential threat – ecosocialism and the Green New Deal.

    Join us for a Green Party Forum to discuss these solutions.

    Our guest speakers will be Rich Whitney and Peter Schwartzman.

    Rich Whitney ran for Illinois Governor with the Green Party in 2006 and 2010. In 2006 Rich received over 10% of the vote. Mr. Whitney is a civil rights attorney and has provided leadership in Illinois for several years concerning global warming and other important issues. He holds a law degree from Southern Illinois University. Mr. Whitney is one of the founding members of the Illinois Green Party and wrote a significant portion of the Party's platform. Rich is currently an Illinois Green Party Co-Chair.

    Peter Schwartzman is an elected Illinois Green.  Peter has served as an Alderperson on the Galesburg City Council since 2011. Mr. Schwartzman is also a Professor of Environmental Studies at Knox College in Galesburg. He has a Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences from the University of Virginia. Peter recently co-authored the book “The Earth Is Not for Sale: A Path Out of Fossil Capitalism to the Other World That is Still Possible“.

    The forum will be moderated by Steve Alesch, the Political Director of the DuPage County Green Party.

    This forum is sponsored by the DuPage County Green Party. This event is neither sponsored nor endorsed by the Warrenville Public Library District. This event is free and open to the public.

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