URGENT Economic Justice Alert for Evanston and Oak Park Residents

Don't let your local elected officials lower the minimum wage in your community and take away your sick leave. Your elected officials are holding last minute poorly advertised rush meetings to pass an ordinance to Opt Out of the Cook County Minimum Wage and Sick Leave Ordinance. As it stands now, the Cook County Ordinance will increase the minimum wage to $10 an hour on July 1, 2017 and continue to increase to $13 an hour by 2020. The ordinance also requires that employers provide sick leave to eligible employees. Your elected officials want to take action when they think no one is looking and we have given up. This behavior is shameful and will not be tolerated.

If you want to take a stand and be heard, here are the times and locations of these rush meetings to lower your minimum wage and take away your sick leave:

- Evanston meeting tomorrow (Friday 6/30/17) at 9:30am @ 2100 Ridge Avenue Evanston, IL
- Oak Park meeting tomorrow (Friday 6/30/17) at 4:30pm @ Council Chambers of Village Hall, 123 Madison St., Oak Park, IL

Council to vote on minimum wage hike override
Council to vote on minimum wage hike override

Council to vote on minimum wage hike override, Evanston Now, June 29, 2017

Council to vote on minimum wage hike override

Stand Up Against Minimum Wage Decrease

Per The People’s Lobby – Last fall, The People’s Lobby moved the Cook County Board of Commissioners to raise the minimum wage from $8.25 up to $13, starting with an increase to $10 just two weeks from now — on July 1, 2017. Unfortunately, some suburban municipalities are attempting to reverse this victory by passing ordinances to opt-out. In other words, they’re voting to decrease the minimum wage!

When voters in these municipalities took up the questions of paid sick leave and a higher minimum wage in non-binding ballot referendums in recent years, they voted overwhelmingly in favor of allowing workers to earn sick time and mandating a higher minimum wage. These elected officials are putting the interests of the Chamber of Commerce ahead of what the vast majority of local voters think is best for their communities!

We fought hard for this minimum wage increase, and we are organizing grassroots opposition to these votes to decrease the minimum wage. But despite our best efforts, we are losing some of these votes.

Although we wish we didn’t have to fight to preserve the higher minimum wage, every fight is an opportunity to identify people who share our values and grow our power in the suburbs so that we can win bigger and lasting victories in the future.

These are upcoming opt-out votes. If you know someone in (or on the border of) these municipalities, please forward this email and ask them to attend:

  • Mon 6/19 6:30p – Des Plaines, 1420 Miner St. (to take a 2nd vote to try to opt out)
  • Mon 6/19 7:00p – Oak Park, 123 Madison St. (OAK PARK HAS DECIDED TO NOT OPT-OUT!!! Press conference and then enter the meeting to thank the city council!)
  • Tue 6/27 7:00p – Wilmette, 1200 Wilmette Ave.

Check back here for the latest updates regarding this struggle.

Greens in Springfield to Support a People & Planet First Budget!

ILGP_sunflower_thumbnail.pngThis month, The People's Lobby and Fair Economy Illinois launched an amazing 200-mile, 15-day march from Chicago to Springfield in support of a People and Planet First Budget. They have been marching since May 15th, and will be marching to the state capitol on May 30th to present lawmakers with a budget that puts the actual citizens of Illinois first -- not private, corporate interests.

The Illinois Green Party supports and endorses both the People and Planet First Budget and the March to Springfield. We are asking all ILGP members able to make the trip to rally with the marchers in Springfield on their final day, Tuesday May 30th! 

Use the ILGP sign-up sheet to join our group in supporting the March to Springfield and the People & Planet First Budget!

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