2017 Unofficial ILGP Election Results as of April 5, 2017

Seven out of eleven (64%) of Illinois Green Party 2017 endorsed candidates across the state from McHenry County to Carbondale won their April 4, 2017 races!  Three of the winning candidates finished first and two finished second. The Illinois Green Party continues our trend of winning the majority of our campaigns for local offices.

Congratulations to all of the candidates and their volunteers for a tremendous effort and these inspiring results!

Here are the per race details:

- Jessica Bradshaw for Carbondale City Councilperson – Incumbent  – ELECTED – 1,037 votes (24.39%) – finished 2nd in a 4 person race for 3 seats

- Don Crawford for St. Elmo Library Board Trustee – Incumbent  – ELECTED – 494 votes (70%) – finished 1st in a 3 person race for 2 seats

- Steve De La Rosa for Villa Park Library District Trustee – ELECTED – 2,026 votes (24.65%) – finished 3rd in a 4 person race for 4 seats – only 3 votes short of 2nd place

- Michael Drennan for Ridgeville Park Board Commissioner  – Incumbent  -  Defeated – 902 votes (25.03%) – finished 2nd in a 3 person race for 1 seat

- Charlie Howe for Carbondale Township Trustee – Defeated – 887 votes (16.74%) - finished 5th in a 5 person race for 4 seats

- Russ Kramer for Carbondale Township Highway Commissioner – Defeated – 681 votes (35.84%) - finished 2nd in a 2 person race for 1 seat

- Bruce Samuels for Oak Park Library Trustee – Incumbent  - Defeated - 2,390 votes (7.63%) – finished 6th in a 10 person race for 4 seats

- Holly Scholz for Fox Valley Park District Commissioner, District 3 – ELECTED – 2,874 votes (35.67%) – finished 1st in a 4 person race for 2 seats

- Gary Shepherd for Carbondale Elementary School Board Member, District 95 – ELECTED – 700 votes (12.33%) – finished 4th in a 8 person race for 4 seats

- Scott Summers for McHenry County Regional Board of School Trustees – ELECTED - 15,807 votes (49.03%) – finished 2nd in a 2 person race for 2 seats

- Kyle Taylor for Kane County Regional Board of School Trustees, St. Charles Township – ELECTED – 24,506 votes (65.37%) – finished 1st in a 1 person race for 1 seat

Green Party Calls for a Vote on Equal Ballot Access

ILGP_sunflower_thumbnail.pngThe Illinois Green Party urges all its members to speak out in support of Illinois Senate Bill 0063, an electoral fairness bill that would require the same number of ballot access petition signatures from all candidates in a given election. 

Currently, under Illinois law, members of the Democratic and Republican parties must submit a certain number of petition signatures to be listed on ballots as candidates, while independents and members of other parties must submit a substantially larger number of signatures to be listed as candidates for the same office. 

The Green Party's full statement, below, urges all Green Party members and supporters of democratic fairness to contact the Senators currently preventing the bill from coming to a Senate vote:

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ILGP Elects First Black Woman Chair

ILGP_sunflower.jpgZerlina Smith Becomes First Black Woman Chair of Any Illinois Party

On Saturday, March 25th, the membership of the Illinois Green Party at their statewide Membership Meeting elected Zerlina Smith as party Chair. Ms. Smith will be the first Black woman to lead the Illinois Green Party, and the first Black chairperson of any established political party in the state of Illinois. 

"This is the face of the Green Party right now," said Ms. Smith, immediately following her election. "This is a vibrant, diverse, and growing party, with people from all walks of life and all colors of skin."

A longtime resident of Chicago's Austin neighborhood, Ms. Smith's extensive activist résumé includes service as a school board member, the founding of neighborhood non-profit Increase the Harvest, and a run for Alderman in the 29th Ward in 2015. Ms. Smith served as the Illinois State Coordinator for the Stein/Baraka 2016 Presidential campaign. 

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