Chair's Blog - 2016 Elections, Part 2: Early Voting

2016 Elections, Part 2: Early Voting


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2016 Elections, Part 2:  Early Voting

More about early voting:

Please keep in mind that for the Primary Election back in March, several Illinois counties ran out of ballots, and according to my research, in at least two or three of those counties, some people did not vote as a result of the shortages.  The new voter suppression--don't provide enough ballots.

In Adams County, the shortage affected all 74 precincts.  The local circuit court ruled that there needed to be an extra day of voting, but the appellate court disagreed and overturned the circuit court's ruling.  The Illinois Attorney General argued against allowing the additional opportunity to vote.  That's the public official/agency that we're supposed to call if there are election problems?  Go figure.

There were also reports of ballot shortages causing polling places to stay open longer in other counties, too:  Kendall, Madison, and Sangamon, and maybe Champaign and St. Clair (not yet confirmed).

Please consider voting early.  In the Primary Election in Adams County and Madison County, some people did not get to vote.  Just saying.

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